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Love of Frintezza

Love of Frintezza - Event

Love of Frintezza

With you we present Expedition Volunteer Reward Box, the first event. This event will be available from February 8, until March 1.
This event is completely modified and adapted to our server, the drop list is below.

February is the month of love and we want an equipped server, that's why we launched the first event of our server called the Love of Frintezza

Requirements and functionality
During hunting (zones above 101+), Expedition Volunteer's Reward Box can drop, this box can contain.

The Expedition Volunteer Reward Box contains

When opening these boxes, some of these items may come out.

Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Weapon
Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Armor
Love Pack
Blessed Helios Pack
Blessed Eternal Pack
Frintezza will also be giving some buffs in each city, go get yours!