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Donation System

We introduce donation system

We want stability and solidity, so we can work on the server as much as possible, we want L2 Gran Pa'agrio to be a long experience and with projection.
So our main task is not to bring a P2W experience. (NOT P2W). So our donation system will only bring benefits like appearances, EXP / Drop / etc runes, buffs and boost.

Bloody Coins

To see all the options that Bloody Pa'agrio Coins can give you, you have to go to the NPC called '' Thomas D. Turkey '', which is in the main cities of Lineage 2. 
There you can access boost, runes, appearances and more

How to donate

Remember to send an email to with the following information:

Subjet: Donation GP 
Character's name:
Discord username:
Bloody Paagrio Coins amount:
Paypal email:
Along with a photo of the receipt (Required).

PayPal available

1 Bloody Coin = $1 Dolar
5 Bloody Coins = $5 Dolars
10 Bloody Coins = $10 Dolars
20 Bloody Coins =$20 Dolars
50 Bloody Coins = $50 Dolars
100 Bloody Coins = $100 Dolars

This currency is tradeable within the server.