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Prize List

Tarot Cards 

How to get them?

To get Luxury Tarot Cards, you have to go to Aden and meet Jayce `` Fortunetelling Mentor''  with this you can access:

1 Luxury Tarot Card = 100.000.000 Adena

After getting your tarot cards, you can talk to Eve "Fortune Teller", with her you can use your cards and get great prizes.

**You can use a maximum of 50 cards per turn**

List of awards

Shadai's Shini Jewelry Box
Shadai's Shini Jewelry Box x10
La Vie En Rose's Gemstone Powder x10
Artifact Fragment
Artifact Crystal
Angel Necklace
Angel Earrings
Angel Ring
Fallen Angel Ring Box
Brooch Spirit Stone
Top-Grade Spirit Stone
High-Grade Spirit Stone
Circlet Spirit Stone
Kain Soul Crystal lvl 5
Pantheon Soul Crystal lvl 5
Leona Soul Crystal lvl 5
Lionel Soul Crystal Lvl 5
Mermoden's Soul Crystal lvl 5
Superior Giant Codex
Superior Giant Codex Mastery
Lv 5 Legendary CHA Dye Pack
Star Sign
Zodiac Agathion Cube
Authority Ornament
Talisman of Abundance Lvl 1
Crystal Of Dawn
Jewel Energy
Vita Maintaining Potion 30-Minutes
Navari Mask
Giant Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Weapon
Sacred Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Weapon
Destruccion Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Weapon
Blessed Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Weapon
Rune Stone
Blessed Helios Pack
Blessed Eternal Pack
Forgotten Speellbok Chapter 1
Forgetten Spellbook
Ekimus Belt
Tiat Belt
Nevit's Cloak of Light Box (30-day)
Tauti Ring
Earth Wyrm's Heart Ring
Orfen Earring
Sealed Talisman Of Longing
Anakim Talisman
Lilith Talisman
Venir Talisman 10
Venir Talisman 11
Venir Talisman 12
Creation Ring
Queen Ant Soul Ring
Baium Soul Ring
Frintezza's Soul Necklace
Energy of Protection
Sayha Energy
Sayha's Talisman Pack
Sayha's Talisman Pack lv.7
Giant Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Armor
Blessed Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Armor
Ultimate Jewelry Box Lv.3
Ultimate Jewelry Box Lv.4
Zodiac Agathion Book of Growth
Ancient Zodiac Agathion Book of Growth

REWARDS Golden Card :
Kain Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Weapon
Kain Scroll: Enchant R-Grade Armor
Ruler Authority
Blessed Valakas Necklace
Blessed Antharas Earring
Dragon Necklace
Dragon Earring
Dragon Ring
Talisman of Abundance Lv.1
Talisman of Abundance Lv.2
Talisman of Abundance Lv.3
Talisman of Abundance Lv.4
Superior Giant Codex Mastery Chapter 1
Ultimate Jewelry Box Lv.4
Lindvior Earring
Ruler Ring of Authority
Ring of the Truth-Seeker
Seven Sign Energy
Seven Sign Talisman
Sayha's Talisman Pack lv.8
Sayha's Talisman Pack lv.9
Sayha Blessing
Venir Talisman 16
Venir Talisman 18
Sealed Talisman Of Insanity
Improved Rune Stone
Jewel Energy
Artifact Crystal
Ancient Zodiac Agathion Book of Growth
Divine Zodiac Agathion Book of Growth
Sealed Talisman of Longing