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Beta Server
Is Live

Beta Server / Rewards

Milestone List (Rewards)

These rewards are exclusive to anyone who get it the following levels in the beta server 

Lvl 105 - Chaos Essence 30-Days (Main)
Lvl 106 - Chaos Essence 30-Days (Dual)
Lvl 107 - 7 Bloody Pa'agrio
Lvl 108 - Weapon appearance of choice
Lvl 109 - Armor appearance of choice
Lvl 110 - 10 Tarot Card

We will also have prizes for the TOP 1 of the following categories.

Top Race (one of each race) - Bloody Rune PVE - 30 Days
Top XP (The first of all the server) - Nevit Cloack of Light - 30 Days
Top Streamer (The best streamer) - Bloddy Rune PVE - 30 Days

In order to redeem these prizes, you have to send an email with your character name, account name in Discord and your account name with the with the subject            ''Beta Rewards''