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Beta Server

Beta Server / Rewards

Thank you all for helping us prepare the Live Server!

Top Races (Bloody Rune PVE - 30 Days)
Human: Gambits (Lvl.108)
Elf: Budista (Lvl.109)
Dark Elf: Crea (Lvl.109)
Orc: Titanel (Lvl.108
Dwarf: Fachistoide (Lvl.110)
Kamael: Pveonly (Lvl.108)
Ertheia: Hypocrisy (Lvl.109)

Top XP (Nevit Cloack of Light - 30 Days)
Fachistoide (Lvl.110)

These rewards are exclusive to anyone who get it the following levels in the beta server 

Lvl 105 - Chaos Essence 30-Days (Main)
Lvl 106 - Chaos Essence 30-Days (Dual)
Lvl 107 - 7 Bloody Pa'agrio
Lvl 108 - Weapon appearance of choice
Lvl 109 - Armor appearance of choice
Lvl 110 - 10 Tarot Card  

If you won any of the following awards, send us an email to and the Game Master Path will deliver your awards on February 10.