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Patch Notes / News

Latest News & Updates

Live server is Here

Get ready with your friends to become a legend. Server open on February 8

Beta server is over

Thank you all very much for your reports, now we are ready for the Live Server!
February 8, 2021

Love of Frintezza

With you we present Love of Frintezza, the first event. This event will be available from February 8, until March 1.

Release date

Prepare your friends, clans and especially your swords for the great Live of L2 Gran Pa'agrio

Beta Server Rewards

Unique chance to get Chaos Essence, Bloody Pa'agrio and more! Items available on the Live Server.

Fortune Teller Event

We do not want to leave you without opportunities to grow, that is why we prepare Tarot Event for you.

Let's stay in touch

We leave you a connection to our RR.SS